The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-12

The Tale of Despereaux Vocabulary List

  1. bellow | see definition»

    a loud deep sound

    There was a bellow of collective outrage.

  2. burly | see definition»

    strong and heavy : husky

    Two burly mice came forward.

  3. courtesy | see definition»

    the quality or state of being respectful and considerate of others

    "You love her with a courtly love, a love that is based on bravery and courtesy and honor and devotion."

  4. defiance | see definition»

    a refusal to obey

    He admired his own defiance.

  5. devotion | see definition»

    deep love or loyalty

    "You love her with a courtly love, a love that is based on bravery and courtesy and honor and devotion."

  6. distinctive | see definition»

    clearly marking a person or a thing as different from others

    "It is simply not done!" came the distinctive voice of Despereaux's aunt Florence.

  7. egregious | see definition»

    very bad and easily noticed

    "First, we will give you a chance to defend yourself against these rumors of your egregious acts."

  8. escort | see definition»

    to accompany someone to protect or show courtesy

    "We," said the bigger of the two mice, "will escort you to the dungeon."

  9. marvel | see definition»

    to feel astonishment or wonder

    Despereaux marveled at his own bravery.

  10. murmur | see definition»

    to say (something) in a quiet and soft voice

    "The thread, the thread, the thread," murmured the mice.

  11. ominous | see definition»

    suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future

    Together, Lester and the drum produced an ominous sound.

  12. perch | see definition»

    to sit or rest on a raised seat or position

    The fourteen members of the Mouse Council perched on the bricks above him.

  13. repent | see definition»

    to acknowledge regret for having done something wrong

    "Repent. Say that you are sorry you sat at the foot of the human king."

  14. retreat | see definition»

    to go to a place of privacy or safety

    The thread master retreated.

  15. sacred | see definition»

    highly valued and important : deserving great respect

    "Do you, Despereaux Tilling, understand the sacred never-to-be-broken rules of conduct for being a mouse?"

  16. surge | see definition»

    to move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction

    The whole of the mouse community surged toward Despereaux.

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