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The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Vocabulary List Chapters 28-33

The Storm Runner Vocabulary List

  1. awestruck | see definition»

    filled with feelings of fear and wonder : filled with awe

    "The Old World," Jazz whispered, all awestruck, as if it needed to be named.

  2. corrode | see definition»

    to wear away little by little (as by rust or acid)

    We were surrounded by rusted, corroded metal walls.

  3. curdle | see definition»

    to thicken and separate into liquids and solids

    Whitish foam curdled on the water's surface.

  4. disembark | see definition»

    to leave or remove from a ship or airplane

    "Time to disembark," Jazz said cheerfully.

  5. escort | see definition»

    to accompany someone to protect or show courtesy

    "Ixtab told Quinn she could work off her debt by escorting souls to the underworld."

  6. eternal | see definition»

    lasting forever : having no beginning and no end

    "It has been eternal night here ever since the gods abandoned it."

  7. expedite | see definition»

    to cause (something) to happen faster

    "I'm here to expedite your journey to the Old World."

  8. flippant | see definition»

    not respectful or serious

    "How does a cane open an ancient gateway?" I asked flippantly, hoping Jazz might hear how crazy it sounded.

  9. hoist | see definition»

    to lift up especially with a pulley

    Jazz scooped Hondo up like a sack of chile pods and hoisted him over his shoulder.

  10. ignite | see definition»

    to set on fire : LIGHT

    Brook's eyes shifted, the gold and amber flecks glowing like they might ignite any second.

  11. jostle | see definition»

    to push roughly

    I was jostled awake by a scratching sound.

  12. masochistic | see definition»

    gaining pleasure from pain and suffering

    "You're the one who set that masochistic, bloodthirsty monster free!"

  13. oblige | see definition»

    to do a favor for or do something as a favor

    Flaco obliged

  14. putrid | see definition»

    coming from or suggesting something rotten

    "Probably a putrid pit filled with vicious rats and killer ants that would eat out your eyeballs."

  15. sheepish | see definition»

    showing or feeling embarrassment especially because you have done something foolish or wrong

    With a shrug, Jazz said sheepishly, "I snooped."

  16. skitter | see definition»

    to glide and skip lightly or quickly

    It skittered down the deck.

  17. sustenance | see definition»

    something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive

    "You need rest and sustenance, kid," Jazz said.

  18. trek | see definition»

    to walk a long way with difficulty

    "We can't just walk aimlessly," Hondo said after we'd trekked for what seemed like a mile through the dense jungle.

  19. vague | see definition»

    not clearly expressed

    Why did people always give me vague response?

  20. synchronous | see definition»

    happening, moving, or existing at the same time

    Two small moons inched across the sky in perfect synchronicity.

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