The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon, Vocabulary List Chapters 11-15

The Season of Styx Malone Vocabulary Lists

  1. ancient | see definition»

    very old : having lived or existed for a very long time

    Styx shuffled himself toward a different pile, rummaged for a moment and emerged with an ancient-looking Radio Flyer wagon.

  2. confer | see definition»

    to discuss something important in order to make a decision

    "Let me confer with my gents a moment."

  3. confess | see definition»

    to admit that you did something wrong or illegal

    "We're not really allowed to use them," Bobby Gene confessed, betraying the brotherhood.

  4. disapproval | see definition»

    the feeling of not liking or agreeing with something or someone

    It was written on her face, though, a canyon of disapproval folded between her eyes.

  5. execute | see definition»

    to do (something that you have planned to do or been told to do)

    We were spies. Assassins. Ninjas. Executing a lightning attack so stealthy we didn't even need the cover of night.

  6. exertion | see definition»

    physical or mental effort

    Bobby Gene's face was red from exertion.

  7. festoon | see definition»

    to cover or decorate (something) with many small objects, pieces of paper, etc.

    We kept going along another dirt road, until we met a chain link fence festooned with KEEP OUT signs.

  8. formal | see definition»

    suitable for serious or official speech and writing

    His voice took on a real formal tone, but it was hard to tell if he was being serious.

  9. improvise | see definition»

    suitable for serious or official speech and writing

    "But you don't wanna go in there improvising. Always get your cover story straight."

  10. intrigue | see definition»

    the activity of making secret plans

    A good spy should lean into intrigue, no matter what.

  11. practical | see definition»

    likely to succeed and reasonable to do or use

    "It's just practical, right?" he said.

  12. precise | see definition»

    very accurate and exact

    It was slow and precise and I felt stupider and more ordinary with every coin I dropped.

  13. saunter | see definition»

    to walk along in a slow and relaxed manner

    He tilted his cap toward his ear, then sauntered away through the yard.

  14. skeptical | see definition»

    having or expressing doubt about something (such as a claim or statement)

    "We can?" I was skeptical.

  15. stash | see definition»

    to put (something) in a secret or hidden place

    Bobby Gene hefted the gunnysack up from behind the fallen log where we'd stashed it.

  16. trademark | see definition»

    a quality or way of behaving, speaking, etc., that is very typical of a particular person, group, or organization

    Mom shot me her trademark "hush up" look.

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