The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 36-42

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. abundant | see definition»

    more than enough : PLENTIFUL

    I've made it abundantly clear what steps I will take if this bullying continues."

  2. adamant | see definition»

    not giving in

    Brandon had been adamant.

  3. alibi | see definition»

    an excuse for not being somewhere or doing something

    "I had to be her alibi a few times."

  4. audacity | see definition»

    a bold and daring quality that is sometimes shocking or rude

    "And you have the audacity to say it's his fault for keeping us apart?"

  5. billow | see definition»

    to move as a large cloud or mass

    He fell, his arms billowing out.

  6. confidant | see definition»

    a trusted friend you can talk to about personal and private things

    But she was part mother, part assistant, part gofer, part confidant.

  7. curt | see definition»

    said or done in a quick and impolite way

    "Sorry to be curt, but this conversation is over."

  8. enroll | see definition»

    to become a member : JOIN

    Was it when she enrolled in the local school?

  9. expose | see definition»

    to leave without protection, shelter, or care : subject to a harmful condition

    The more successful he became, the more fearful he grew of someone discovering his true identity and exposing him.

  10. flee | see definition»

    to run away or away from

    Marion Allen had forced him to flee the only city — the only people — he'd ever loved.

  11. harmony | see definition»

    the playing of musical tones together in chords

    To her, it sounded like melody and harmony.

  12. liberal | see definition»

    not strict

    "Granddad'll be here soon, and I don't think he'd agree with my liberal interpretation of Brandon's punishment."

  13. neglect | see definition»

    lack of attention or care to something or someone

    After years of neglect, the city was finally renovating Vickers Park.

  14. precaution | see definition»

    something that is done to prevent possible harm or trouble from happening in the future

    "It's just a precaution."

  15. prosper | see definition»

    to become successful usually by making money

    As the company prospered, Parker branched out into new areas.

  16. repercussion | see definition»

    a widespread, indirect, or unexpected effect of something said or done

    "I mean, there will be financial repercussions..."

  17. terminology | see definition»

    the special words or phrases that are used in a particular field

    Did they keep score — and use all that confusing tennis terminology?

  18. unconscious | see definition»

    not awake especially because of an injury, drug, etc.

    "You were unconscious!"

  19. vile | see definition»

    very bad or unpleasant

    Then he called Brandon one of the dirty, horrible, vile names that had been scrawled in the vandalized yearbook.

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