The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson, Vocabulary List Chapters 4-6

The Parker Inheritance Vocabulary List

  1. allocate | see definition»

    to set apart for a particular purpose

    The remainder will be allocated to the city.

  2. chauffeur | see definition»

    to drive (someone) in a car to a certain place

    Candice's father, who was supposed to be chauffeuring the girls to the mall and not listening in on them, quickly jumped into the conversation.

  3. chronological | see definition»

    arranged in or according to the order of time

    She wondered if he was talking about publication order or chronological order.

  4. compassion | see definition»

    pity for and a desire to help someone

    She asked me to show compassion.

  5. facilitate | see definition»

    to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively

    Despite her mother trying her best to facilitate a real conversation, they are their food.

  6. havoc | see definition»

    great confusion and lack of order

    My goal was to wreak havoc not only on the Allens, but the entire city.

  7. inept | see definition»

    lacking in skill or ability

    "Abigail Caldwell's inept and incompetent actions have set back racial progress at least thirty years."

  8. manipulate | see definition»

    to manage skillfully and especially with intent to deceive

    At least she wasn't the only on being manipulated.

  9. predecessor | see definition»

    a person who held a job or position before someone else

    Your predecessors failed to protect the Washington family, at great cost.

  10. reckoning | see definition»

    the act of calculating the amount of something

    Thus I have created an opportunity for Lambert to earn back everything I took from the city — a fortune totaling $40 million at my last reckoning.

  11. rickety | see definition»

    in poor condition and likely to break

    Brandon flipped on the light, and they headed up the rickety stairs.

  12. riffle | see definition»

    to look through quickly

    Candice riffled through her bag, trying to decide what to read.

  13. shuffle | see definition»

    to push or move about or from place to place

    She was stuck with whatever was on her dad's iPod, which shuffled between slightly dated and extremely ancient.

  14. squander | see definition»

    to spend foolishly : WASTE

    Do not squander it.

  15. timid | see definition»

    feeling or showing a lack of courage or self-confidence : SHY

    He smiled timidly at her.

  16. utterly | see definition»

    to an absolute or extreme degree : to the full extent

    This is your chance to make right what once went so utterly wrong.

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