Pages & Co.: The Bookwanderers by Anna James Chapters 4-8

The Bookwanderers Vocabulary List

  1. averse | see definition»

    having a feeling of dislike

    "Not especially, although I'm never averse to finding a book along my way; they can come in handy sometimes, except you never know what's inside until it's too late, in my experience."

  2. bemused | see definition»

    having or showing feelings of wry amusement especially from something that is surprising or perplexing

    "Why are we going round in circles like this?" He sounded bemused.

  3. benevolent | see definition»

    kind and generous

    "Maybe some kind of benevolent but cursed princess living in a tower who writes poetry and is only allowed a single glass of water each day."

  4. conclude | see definition»

    to decide after a period of thought or research

    "But, anyway, it must depend on what the purpose of your story is, I suppose," Anne concluded, and looked up triumphantly.

  5. dapple | see definition»

    to mark or become marked with rounded spots of color

    "Do you think dappling is a real word, Tilly?"

  6. envious | see definition»

    feeling or showing unhappiness over someone else's good fortune and a desire to have the same

    "Why, this is a lovely name and I am quite envious," Anne said, looking entirely delighted.

  7. eternal | see definition»

    lasting forever : having no beginning and no end

    "You can touch my hair, if you'd like, and you will see it is ever so real — to my eternal frustration."

  8. flummoxed | see definition»

    completely unable to understand : utterly confused or perplexed

    "Forgive you for what?" Tilly said, thoroughly flummoxed at the change in tone.

  9. haphazard | see definition»

    having no plan, order, or direction

    "I'm so awfully sorry," he girl said, jumping up and haphazardly straightening the cushions.

  10. harried | see definition»

    bothered by many problems or worries : very worried or anxious

    But she was interrupted by a harried-looking man who came up behind them and tapped Tilly on the shoulder imperiously.

  11. investigate | see definition»

    to study by close examination and questioning

    "I need to do some more investigating first."

  12. imperious | see definition»

    having or showing the proud and unpleasant attitude of someone who gives orders and expects other people to obey them

    But she was interrupted by a harried-looking man who came up behind them and tapped Tilly on the shoulder imperiously.

  13. kindred | see definition»

    alike in nature or character

    "I used to think that kindred spirits were hard to find, but look: you have found two just this afternoon."

  14. languid | see definition»

    having a slow and relaxed quality

    Someone very posh was responding languidly to Grandad's questions, and as Tilly rounded the corner she saw a tall, elegant man in an expensive-looking gray coat sitting opposite Grandad.

  15. morph | see definition»

    to change the form or character of : TRANSFORM

    The girl's face suddenly morphed into a look of horror.

  16. perturbed | see definition»

    troubled in mind : feeling or showing agitation : BOTHERED, UPSET

    "Why, yes," Anne replied happily, not seeming at all perturbed by this fact, and settling herself on the stairs.

  17. reminisce | see definition»

    to talk or think about things in the past

    "Enough reminiscing."

  18. resentful | see definition»

    full of angry displeasure

    She glanced resentfully at Alice.

  19. solemn | see definition»

    being serious and dignified in appearance or behavior

    "Why, I am an orphan too," Anne said solemnly.

  20. terse | see definition»

    being brief and to the point

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your meeting, Grandad," Tilly said, instantly worried she'd been too terse with someone who looked decidedly important.

  21. venture | see definition»

    to go somewhere that is unknown, dangerous, etc.

    It was really just a desk tucked into a corner of the fourth floor where customers didn't venture as regularly.

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