Summer Ball by Mike Lupica, Vocabulary List Chapters 22-26

Summer Ball Vocabulary List

  1. aggressive | see definition»

    being forceful in getting things done

    Ricky aggressively bodied up on him every chance he got.

  2. excitement about something that's going to happen

    It was a great feeling, the sense of anticipation and the nervousness you got before a big game, as long as the day of the big game had finally arrived.

  3. budding | see definition»

    beginning to develop

    "Is this the budding superstar I've been hearing about?"

  4. deviate | see definition»

    to do something that is different or to be different from what is usual or expected

    He played hard, ran the offense the way coach wanted it run and hardly ever deviated.

  5. flagrant | see definition»

    so bad as to be impossible to overlook

    Coach Powers was arguing for a flagrant foul, as it turned out.

  6. blitz | see definition»

    a play in which many defensive players rush toward the quarterback

    He came after you like he was blitzing a quarterback.

  7. fragile | see definition»

    easily broken or hurt

    How fragile games could be.

  8. glare | see definition»

    to look fiercely or angrily

    He looked up then, all the way across the mess hall, like this was some kind of weird cue, and saw Lamar Parrish, already dressed for the game in his Lakers jersey, glaring at him.

  9. gravel | see definition»

    small pieces of rock and pebbles larger than grains of sand

    If Danny hadn't heard his slow steps on the gravel path he would have wondered if he really had seen a ghost.

  10. hitch | see definition»

    to get a ride in a passing vehicle

    "It turns out that I'm hitching a ride back with you guys."

  11. inventory | see definition»

    a list of items (as goods on hand)

    Right away he took the kind of inventory you did when you got hurt.

  12. maneuver | see definition»

    to move (something or someone) in a careful and usually skillful way

    More importantly, Rasheed, even with Kareem guarding him now, was getting some room to maneuver, starting to get his points in bunches.

  13. ovation | see definition»

    an expression of approval or enthusiasm made by clapping or cheering

    He heard himself get a big ovation.

  14. pardon | see definition»

    forgiveness for wrong or rude behavior

    "I beg your pardon," Coach Powers said.

  15. raspy | see definition»

    having a harsh sound

    Coach Powers hustled them back outside, sat them down and immediately laced into the whole team, his voice a raspy whisper somebody even twenty feet away wouldn't have been able to hear.

  16. retaliate | see definition»

    to get revenge by returning like for like

    Even getting Lamar to retaliate a couple of times and get called for fouls.

  17. reunion | see definition»

    an act of coming or bringing together again after being apart

    "I'm sorry to break up this reunion, but we've got a game we're trying to win."

  18. snatch | see definition»

    to take hold of or try to take hold of something quickly or suddenly

    Ready to flick at the ball or snatch at it as the guy went from his dribble into his shot.

  19. vicious | see definition»

    very severe

    Then he slapped Danny such a vicious high-five Danny thought his shoulder was going to come loose.

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