Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen by Debbi Michiko Florence, Vocabulary List Chapters 1-6

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen Vocabulary List

  1. announce | see definition»

    to make known publicly

    "I already finished sweeping," Sophie announced from the next room.

  2. brag | see definition»

    to talk about yourself, your achievements, your family, etc., in a way that shows too much pride

    Sophie brags that her bedroom is bigger than mine, but I love my room.

  3. budge | see definition»

    to move or cause to move especially slightly

    When I didn't budge, he shrugged.

  4. command | see definition»

    to give (someone) an order : to tell (someone) to do something in a forceful and often official way

    This meant barking commands at me while she picked at the chipped polish on her fingernails.

  5. compare | see definition»

    to seem better or worse in comparison to something else : to be good or bad when measured against something else

    All good stuff compared to the homework and quiet time Mrs. Peepers made us do.

  6. convince | see definition»

    to argue so as to make a person agree or believe

    I not only needed to convince my parents to let me help, but to let me join the boys too.

  7. dash | see definition»

    to move with sudden speed

    "Thank you for the brownies! I'll see you later," I said, dashing out the door to Obaachan.

  8. drift | see definition»

    to move slowly on wind or water

    A cool breeze drifted in.

  9. escape | see definition»

    to get away from a place (such as a prison) where you are being held or kept

    I waited for a chance to escape the cleaning frenzy.

  10. expert | see definition»

    a person who has special skill or knowledge relating to a particular subject

    Sophie was always the expert

  11. fling | see definition»

    to throw hard or without care

    I flung myself at her as she stepped out of the car.

  12. fortunate | see definition»

    having good luck : enjoying good fortune

    Fortunately Mrs. Reese lived only two houses down.

  13. frenzy | see definition»

    great and often wild or uncontrolled activity

    I waited for a chance to escape the cleaning frenzy.

  14. gasp | see definition»

    to breathe in suddenly and loudly with the mouth open because of surprise, shock, or pain

    Obaachan gasped.

  15. gobble | see definition»

    to eat fast or greedily

    Mrs. Reese baked the best brownies, so it was hard not to gobble up all of them.

  16. guest | see definition»

    a person invited to visit or stay in someone's home

    Mom was scrubbing the guest bathroom.

  17. ignore | see definition»

    to pay no attention to

    Sophie smirked, but I ignored her.

  18. pout | see definition»

    to show displeasure by pushing out the lips

    "Stop pouting and finish cleaning," Sophie said.

  19. proof | see definition»

    something which shows that something else is true or correct

    I realized that I had to have proof that I could pound mochi before I asked my parents.

  20. refuse | see definition»

    to express or show unwillingness to do, give, or allow something

    I gripped it tightly, refusing to let go.

  21. reward | see definition»

    something (as money) given or offered in return for a service or accomplishment

    It's hard work to make mochi, but there's a reward- eating the gooey treat afterward.

  22. scramble | see definition»

    to move or climb quickly and if necessary on hands and knees

    I walked straight to Mrs. Reese's backyard, scrambled over the fence, and climbed into my secret thinking spot.

  23. smirk | see definition»

    to smile in an insincere manner

    Sophie smirked, but I ignored her.

  24. splatter | see definition»

    to move, fall, or hit something in large drops

    "Jasmine is splattering spaghetti sauce everywhere!"

  25. struggle | see definition»

    to make a great effort to do or achieve something or to overcome someone or something

    I smiled as he struggled.

  26. tradition | see definition»

    a belief or custom handed down from one generation to another

    It was tradition for Dad, the uncles and the boy cousins to turn the cooked rice into the sticky mochi by pouding it in a stone bowl with a big wooden hammer.

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