I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Vocabulary List Chapters 17-23

I Love You, Michael Collins Vocabulary List

  1. adequate | see definition»

    enough for some need or requirement

    "Will there be adequate adult supervision?"

  2. affair | see definition»

    a social event or activity

    Dinner with the four of us that night was a festive affair.

  3. ascend | see definition»

    to go or move up

    Because later on today we got word that the Eagle ascended just fine.

  4. avail | see definition»

    help toward reaching a goal : USE

    I searched all over for Campbell again, but to no avail.

  5. buoy | see definition»

    to keep from sinking : keep afloat

    It had wire sewn into it to keep it stiff, because otherwise it would just hang straight down, limp, with no wind to buoy it.

  6. cinch | see definition»

    to fasten (as a belt or strap) tightly

    When I found a belt to hold the folds in place and cinched it together, you could barely see any lumpy bunching.

  7. cliché | see definition»

    a phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting

    I suppose you could say that calling kittens cute is a cliché, but what else are you going to call them?

  8. compel | see definition»

    to make happen by force

    Already this was sounding more like a list of who wasn't coming than who was, but still I felt compelled to add, "And Eleanor just came and went, too."

  9. deploy | see definition»

    to open up and spread out the parts of (something, such as a parachute)

    "But if those parachutes don't deploy at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way?"

  10. discard | see definition»

    to throw (something) away because it is useless or unwanted

    Whenever I've tried to make an outfit for one of my dolls from discarded fabric, it has never come out quite as planned.

  11. entail | see definition»

    to have (something) as a part, step, or result

    Just thinking about all that Sunday dinner could entail.

  12. error | see definition»

    a failure to be correct or accurate : MISTAKE

    Immediately, I saw the error of my ways and I flew into her arms and then my dad's because of course I was glad, so glad, to have them both back.

  13. fiddle | see definition»

    to change or handle in a useless way

    Bess was fiddling with her stuff, so I'm not even sure she heard me.

  14. heft | see definition»

    to lift something up

    "What about the cake, then?" I tried, but she was already hefting that Samsonite again.

  15. initial | see definition»

    occurring at or marking the beginning

    Today, eight days, three hours and eighteen minutes after initial liftoff, Apollo 11 reentered our sky.

  16. jostle | see definition»

    to push roughly

    I didn't think anything short of a shout in the face or a physical jostling ever worked to wake up Bess, but she came down for that.

  17. quarantine | see definition»

    isolation of people, animals, or things (as plants) out of a certain area to prevent the spread of disease or pests

    Buster says you'll have to go right into quarantine, in case you picked up germs on the moon.

  18. pity | see definition»

    a feeling of sadness or sympathy for the suffering or unhappiness of others

    When she said those two words, there was so much pity in them that, somehow it was like the worst thing that had happened to me yet.

  19. remnant | see definition»

    something that remains or is left over

    Her black hair for once out of shape and only the remnants of her Cleopatra eyes still there.

  20. resourceful | see definition»

    clever in dealing with problems

    Buster is nothing if not resourceful.

  21. rile | see definition»

    to make angry

    But I suppose we all have our things that rile us up most.

  22. solo | see definition»

    without another person : ALONE

    He is the first person ever to row across an ocean solo.

  23. tempo | see definition»

    the rate of speed at which a musical composition is played or sung

    I found myself constantly struggling not to fall too far off the tempo.

  24. velocity | see definition»

    quickness of motion : SPEED

    "The Columbia would hit the water with such velocity, the astronauts would be killed on impact."

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