I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Vocabulary List Chapters 10-13

I Love You, Michael Collins Vocabulary List

  1. anxious | see definition»

    afraid or nervous especially about what may happen

    And at the sound of the car engine I grew anxious.

  2. creak | see definition»

    to make a long scraping or squeaking sound

    At every sound, he'd look up, and so would I, only to realize it just the house creaking.

  3. dampen | see definition»

    to make dull or less active

    But my lack of any visible enthusiasm didn't dampen Buster's.

  4. debris | see definition»

    the junk or pieces left from something broken down or destroyed

    "But isn't that dangerous? All that debris just falling down?"

  5. disintegrate | see definition»

    to separate or break up into small parts or pieces

    "Maybe it disintegrates when it hits the atmosphere or something."

  6. eject | see definition»

    to force or push out

    You once had to eject from an F-86 plane because of a fire near the cockpit.

  7. ignite | see definition»

    to set on fire : LIGHT

    "Stage 2 then ignites and it also burns."

  8. jettison | see definition»

    to throw out especially from a ship or an airplane

    But if nothing goes wrong during the launch, the escape tower, like those other things I mentioned, will also jettison.

  9. linger | see definition»

    to continue to exist as time passes

    This was not a taste a person wanted to linger over.

  10. mediocre | see definition»

    not very good

    If someone like you who did mediocre in school could still get so far in life, then perhaps there is still hope for a slow reader and onetime cheat-reader like me.

  11. midst | see definition»

    the middle or central part

    "Okay," she finally said as though she'd been in the midst of a conversation with someone.

  12. overwhelmed | see definition»

    completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling

    It's just how I feel. Overwhelmed.

  13. periodical | see definition»

    something (as a magazine) published regularly (as every month)

    "I think our best bet would be periodicals," Miss Penny said.

  14. regret | see definition»

    to feel sad or sorry about (something that you did or did not do)

    I even took another glug of Tang, which I regretted almost instantly.

  15. resent | see definition»

    to feel annoyance or anger at

    I resented that.

  16. shortchange | see definition»

    to give (someone) less than what is expected or deserved

    "Just because your mom's not here at the moment, doesn't mean you deserve to get shortchanged in the tucking-in department."

  17. skim | see definition»

    to read or examine quickly and not thoroughly

    So I learned to skim, sometimes turning pages without reading what was on them.

  18. supervision | see definition»

    the act of overseeing : MANAGEMENT

    Or, if we get kicked outside, we provide close supervision of the cat.

  19. tangy | see definition»

    having a sharp taste or smell

    In its defense, it was tangy.

  20. technique | see definition»

    a way of doing something using special knowledge or skill

    I would use this technique in school.

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