I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Vocabulary List Chapters 7-9

I Love You, Michael Collins Vocabulary List

  1. betray | see definition»

    to be unfaithful to

    Oh, the betrayal of still being able to eat.

  2. brink | see definition»

    a point of beginning

    "If the two countries are on the brink of war later, do you think the country that loses the space race will suddenly say, 'Oh, I'm sorry.'"

  3. confess | see definition»

    to talk about or admit something that makes you embarrassed, ashamed, etc.

    I must confess, even with the cream of mushroom soup, it was less "M'm! M'm! Good!" than usual.

  4. consist | see definition»

    to be made up or composed

    Before getting to that, though, we had to eat the salad course first, which consisted of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes from our garden and green goddess salad dressing.

  5. draft | see definition»

    to choose someone to do something

    There's just no telling what we might be drafted into doing.

  6. engross | see definition»

    to take the attention of completely

    When Buster's engrossed in something, even if that something is not any kind of reading material, it can be difficult to get his attention.

  7. evidence | see definition»

    material presented to a court to help find the truth about something

    If I didn't say anything, no evidence could be used against me in a court of law.

  8. flustered | see definition»

    upset or nervous

    "I didn't finish it in time," I said, flustered.

  9. frequent | see definition»

    happening often

    I started to jump so hard and so frequently, I could feel the sweat breaking out all across my forehead.

  10. graze | see definition»

    to rub lightly in passing : barely touch

    The bottom of one of the hoops grazed the top of her shoulder.

  11. inevitable | see definition»

    sure to happen

    "I suppose you'd like to watch the space launch in color, too, Mamie?" my dad asked, delaying the inevitable.

  12. modern | see definition»

    of or characteristic of the present time or times not long past

    "I just thought it'd be nice for us to join the modern era," my mom said.

  13. module | see definition»

    a part of a space vehicle that can work alone

    Kit includes: escape tower, command module.

  14. oppress | see definition»

    to control or rule in a harsh or cruel way

    "You can't oppress people forever and expect anything different."

  15. pardon | see definition»

    forgiveness for wrong or rude behavior

    "Pardon me?" my mom said.

  16. purchase | see definition»

    to get by paying money : BUY

    "I didn't think I needed your permission before making a purchase for the home," my mom said.

  17. recent | see definition»

    having lately appeared to come into being : NEW, FRESH

    It was my most recent letter to you.

  18. replace | see definition»

    to put something new in the place of

    "There's a new television set replacing the perfectly good old one."

  19. resolve | see definition»

    to find an answer to : SOLVE

    "Any future wars, and how they resolve themselves, will boil down to what it always has."

  20. subject | see definition»

    the person or thing discussed : TOPIC

    This subject came up yet again last night at dinner.

  21. underfoot | see definition»

    close about a person's feet : in the way

    She doesn't like us underfoot when she's doing that.

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