Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, Vocabulary List Chapters 19-21+epilogue

Hoot Vocabulary List

  1. adorable | see definition»

    very appealing or attractive : very lovable

    "Listen, I'd better hurry up and start turning myself into adorable old Mother Paula. Can one of you sweethearts please fetch my suitcase out of the limo?"

  2. assistance | see definition»

    the act of helping

    The kid looked to Beatrice for assistance, but she shook her head.

  3. barricade | see definition»

    a temporary barrier for protection against attack or for blocking the way

    Roy watched in wonderment as more and more kids slipped out of the crowd and began joining hands, forming a human barricade around Beatrice's self-buried stepbrother.

  4. beckon | see definition»

    to signal (someone) with your arm or hand in order to tell that person to come closer or follow

    "Officer!" The silver-haired man beckoned insistently. "Yo, Officer! Over here."

  5. bogus | see definition»

    not real or genuine : fake or false

    It was the most bogus thing Roy had ever seen.

  6. charitable | see definition»

    showing kindness in talking about or judging other people : not very critical

    "Your police chief must have a charitable heart. Either that or he's desperate for warm bodies."

  7. commence | see definition»

    to begin

    With a wild wing of the shovel he knocked over the bucket, and commenced flailing and hacking at the snaked in a bling, slobbering fury.

  8. demote | see definition»

    to change the rank or position of (someone) to a lower or less important one

    After going wacko at the groundbreaking ceremony, Chuck E. Muckle got demoted to the post of assistant junior vice-president.

  9. dignitary | see definition»

    a person who has a high rank or an important position

    Gold-painted shovels were handed out, and on Mr. Muckle's signal all the dignitaries smiled, leaned over and dug up a scoopful of sand.

  10. discreet | see definition»

    careful not to attract attention or let out private information

    In a confidential tone, he added, "We need some discreet assistance here."

  11. dork | see definition»

    a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc.

    "The handlebars, you dork. Get on the handlebars. We're goin' for a ride."

  12. dubious | see definition»

    feeling doubt

    Chuck Muckle whipped off his shades and eyed the patrolman dubiously.

  13. flamboyant | see definition»

    having a very noticeable quality that attracts a lot of attention

    The situation remained fairly stable until the flamboyant arrival of Lonna Leep, who'd spotted her son on the TV news.

  14. gape | see definition»

    to look at someone or something with your mouth open in surprise or wonder

    They all stopped to gape at the head on the ground.

  15. historic | see definition»

    having great and lasting importance

    "I am truly excited to see so many of our fine young people here today. This is a historic moment for your town-our town, I should say-and we're happy you can take a short break from your classes and celebrate with us."

  16. impertinent | see definition»

    rude and showing a lack of respect

    "Arrest this impertinent little creep right now."

  17. improbable | see definition»

    not probable : not likely to be true or to happen

    He hoped the birds had already sensed that something awful was about to happen and had flown away, though it seemed improbable.

  18. impromptu | see definition»

    not prepared ahead of time : made or done without preparation

    Roy and Beatrice had left before the impromptu press conference was over.

  19. mutilate | see definition»

    to cause severe damage to (the body of a person or animal)

    Exhausted, Chuck Muckle leaned over and squinted at the mutilated toy snakes.

  20. oblige | see definition»

    to do something that someone has asked you to do : to do a favor for (someone)

    Roy was happy to oblige.

  21. precarious | see definition»

    not safe, strong, or steady

    Quickly Roy picked out one fish and, teetering precariously, plunged both hands into the current.

  22. resignation | see definition»

    the feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen and cannot be changed

    Roy could feel his shoulders sagging in defeat, while Beatrice's face had become a mask of grim resignation.

  23. ruddy | see definition»

    having a healthy reddish skin tone

    Chuck Muckle thrust his ruddy face closer. "You've got no idea who I'm talking about, do you, Officer?"

  24. tranquil | see definition»

    quiet and peaceful

    Roy was in an eerie yet tranquil daze.

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