Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Chapters 7-11

Gathering Blue Vocabulary List

  1. agility | see definition»

    the ability to move quickly and easily

    With surprising agility for a woman of four-syllable age, Annabella rose and led Kira to a covered container near the place where a large kettle of dark water, too huge for cooking food, hung above the smoldering remains of an outdoor fire.

  2. avert | see definition»

    to turn away

    Kira saw Vandara and averted her eyes.

  3. brandish | see definition»

    to wave or shake in a threatening manner

    They were admiring him as he brandished the spear.

  4. bravado | see definition»

    confident or brave talk or behavior that is intended to impress other people

    Like Matt, beating his chest with bravado and pasting it thick with swamp grass that he called a manly pelt?

  5. culminate | see definition»

    to reach the end or the final result of

    The entire history of the people, culminating with the horrifying story of the Ruin, was portrayed with immense complexity on the voluminous folds of the robe.

  6. disconcert | see definition»

    to make confused and a little upset

    Kira was disconcerted.

  7. disdain | see definition»

    a feeling of dislike for someone or something considered not good enough

    "All I need be here," she had told Kira, speaking disdainfully of the village and its noisy life.

  8. dismay | see definition»

    a strong feeling of being worried, disappointed, or upset

    Kira was dismayed at the thought but she said nothing to her friend.

  9. disperse | see definition»

    to break up and scatter

    Now that the dangerous fascination of the spear was gone, Matt's group of young admirers dispersed.

  10. dormant | see definition»

    not active for the time being

    "Fall-start's better, when it lies dormant."

  11. exasperated | see definition»

    having or showing strong feelings of irritation or annoyance

    Exasperated, Kira grabbed the spear shaft just above his hand.

  12. exquisite | see definition»

    extreme or intense

    She knew instantly what she wanted to place in the exquisite box.

  13. generation | see definition»

    a group of people born and living during the same time

    But still she had lived to be four syllables and had acquired four generations of wisdom.

  14. gnarled | see definition»

    being twisted, rugged, or full of knots

    The woman's hands were gnarled and stained.

  15. grimace | see definition»

    to twist the face

    Matt sniffed warily at his own hand and grimaced.

  16. infinitesimal | see definition»

    extremely small

    The lifeless men dotted with the red knots of blood were still an infinitesimal section of the robe, a blink of an eye, forgotten now except for the once-a-year Song, the time that the Singer reminded them of the past.

  17. invigorate | see definition»

    to give life and energy to

    The long walks to the dyer's cott each day were exhausting, but at the same time the fresh air made her feel cleansed and invigorated.

  18. mystify | see definition»

    to confuse or bewilder completely

    Mystified still, Kira turned her attention this morning to the long, low tub.

  19. ominous | see definition»

    suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future

    Kira sipped at the strong hot tea and thought again about the ominous stalking sound in the woods.

  20. skeptical | see definition»

    having or showing doubt

    "How could she know?" Thomas asked skeptically.

  21. sparse | see definition»

    present only in small amounts

    She knew that her sparse collection, a few leftover colored threads that her mother had allowed her to use for her own, was not adequate at all.

  22. temperament | see definition»

    a person's attitude as it affects what he or she says or does

    She could see that Matt was trying to look sad for her benefit, but it was difficult for a boy whose temperament was so merry.

  23. unsanitary | see definition»

    likely to cause sickness or disease : dirty or full of germs

    It was interesting, Kira decided, that they had found a way for water to enter the building, but impractical and unsanitary, and there was no place to bury waste.

  24. voluminous | see definition»

    having much material

    The entire history of the people, culminating with the horrifying story of the Ruin, was portrayed with immense complexity on the voluminous folds of the robe.

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