Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Chapters 1-3

Gathering Blue Vocabulary List

  1. barter | see definition»

    to trade by exchanging one thing for another without the use of money

    She could barter with him, maybe offering to decorate a fabric for his wife, in exchange for the beams she would need.

  2. brazen | see definition»

    done or acting in a very bold and shocking way without shame

    As she watched, a woman darted out of a clump of nearby trees, glanced at Kira, and then brazenly began to pull carrots from the garden that Kira and her mother had tended together.

  3. cadence | see definition»

    a regular beat or rhythm

    The cadence of bickering was a constant sound in the village.

  4. concede | see definition»

    to admit to be true

    "I will cut my own," Kira conceded.

  5. constant | see definition»

    remaining steady and unchanged

    The cadence of bickering was a constant sound in the village.

  6. contemptuous | see definition»

    feeling or showing deep hatred or disapproval

    Laughing contemptuously, the woman sauntered away, her hands filled with dirt-encrusted carrots.

  7. deft | see definition»

    skillful and clever

    Then she had braided her hair, using her hands to interweave the thick dark strands deftly, tying the end of the heavy plait with a leather strip.

  8. deter | see definition»

    to turn aside, discourage, or prevent from acting

    Perhaps the simple fact of seeing her there at work would deter the women who hoped to drive her away.

  9. distort | see definition»

    to twist out of shape

    Some remaining windows, ones in which the colored glass had shattered, were now paned in a thick, ordinary glass that distorted the view through bubbles and ripples.

  10. diversion | see definition»

    something that relaxes, distracts, or entertains

    But those things were diversions; they were not work.

  11. domestic | see definition»

    relating to a household or a family domestic life

    "She cannot dig or plant or weed, or even tend the domestic beasts the way other girls her age do."

  12. forage | see definition»

    to nibble or eat grass or other plants

    In order to pen their disobedient toddlers and chickens, the women would turn her out of the village to be devoured by the beasts that waited in the woods to forage the Field.

  13. illustrious | see definition»

    admired and respected because of greatness or achievement

    Kira's flaw carried no illustrious history, and she felt weak.

  14. malevolent | see definition»

    having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person

    No one else had ever survived such a clawing, and the scar reminded everyone of Vandara's courage and vigor as well as her malevolence.

  15. merciful | see definition»

    treating people with kindness and forgiveness : not cruel or harsh

    It was the way, the custom, and it was the merciful thing, to give an unnamed, imperfect infant back to the earth before its spirit had filled it and made it human.

  16. methodical | see definition»

    done or arranged in a planned way : using a careful and orderly procedure

    When that happened, a huge burning would take place, followed by a rebuilding that became almost festive with the noise of workers smearing wet mud over the fitted wooden sides of new structures, methodically slapping it into smoothness.

  17. relinquish | see definition»

    to let go of : give up

    She knew she would to relinquish the role to one of these men, all strangers.

  18. remnant | see definition»

    something that remains or is left over

    The ragged scar that marked her chin and continued down her neck to her broad shoulder was said to be a remnant of a long-ago battle with one of the forest creatures.

  19. reverent | see definition»

    very respectful

    Quickly, remembering the procedure that she had seen at every ceremony, Kira arranged her hands in a reverent position, cupped together, fingertips below her chin, as she arrived at the table and looked respectfully toward the Worship-object on the stage.

  20. rueful | see definition»

    showing or feeling regret for something done

    He squinted at her ruefully and wrinkled his nose.

  21. saunter | see definition»

    to walk in a slow relaxed way : STROLL

    Laughing contemptuously, the woman sauntered away, her hands filled with dirt-encrusted carrots.

  22. subside | see definition»

    to become less strong or intense

    "The accused orphan girl Kira is here!" the door guard announced, and the muttering subsided.

  23. vie | see definition»

    to compete with others in an attempt to get or win something

    The harsh remarks of men vying for power.

  24. vital | see definition»

    full of life and energy

    This had been her mother, the warm and vital woman whose named had been Katrina.

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