From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg, Vocabulary List Chapters 4-6

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Vocabulary List

  1. accumulation | see definition»

    an act of collecting or gathering

    As Claudia’s pace slowed down from what she was sure was an accumulation of carbon dioxide in her system...

  2. acquisition | see definition»

    something gained especially through effort

    Officials of the Metropolitan Museum of Art report that 100,000 people climbed the great stairway to catch a glimpse of one of its newest acquisitions, a twenty-four-inch statue called “Angel.”

  3. despair | see definition»

    the feeling of no longer having any hope

    He figured that Claudia would soon give up in despair.

  4. dismal | see definition»

    showing or causing unhappiness or sad feelings : not warm, cheerful, etc.

    When all was done, they were disappointed; all of it looked dismally gray.

  5. dread | see definition»

    to fear something that will or might happen

    Claudia always dreaded that brief moment when her pajamas were shed and her underwear was not yet on.

  6. humility | see definition»

    the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble

    ...; but Michelangelo had humbled her, and humility was not an emotion with which she felt comfortable; she was irritable.

  7. inconspicuous | see definition»

    not very easy to see or notice : not conspicuous

    “Don’t you realize that we must try to be inconspicuous?” she demanded of her brother.

  8. intrigue | see definition»

    to make (someone) want to know more about something : to cause (someone) to become interested

    (...The mystery only intrigued her; the magic trapped her.)

  9. mediocre | see definition»

    not very good

    Others considered it a gigantic hodgepodge of the great and the mediocre.

  10. outrageous | see definition»

    very strange or unusual : surprising or shocking

    Jamie considered learning something every day outrageous.

  11. perilous | see definition»

    full of danger

    “Manning their stations” meant climbing back into the booths and waiting during the perilous time when the museum was open to the staff but not to visitors.

  12. persuade | see definition»

    to cause (someone) to do something by asking, arguing, or giving reasons

    Claudia next suggested a real sit-down restaurant with tablecloths on the tables and waiters to serve you. Jamie said “NO” with such force that Claudia didn’t try to persuade him.

  13. sheer | see definition»

    complete and total

    The guard from friendliness, helpfulness or, perhaps, sheer loneliness (very few people had entered through his door that day) asked Jamie what he thought of it.

  14. stammer | see definition»

    to speak with many pauses and repetitions because you have a speech problem or because you are very nervous, frightened, etc.

    “Oh, I don’t know,” she stammered.

  15. trifle | see definition»

    to a small degree

    The only real difference between them was that the cat wore tiny golden earrings and looked a trifle less smug.

  16. triumphant | see definition»

    celebrating victory or success

    They emerged from the bookshop feeling triumphant.

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