Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu Chapters 15-19

Breadcrumbs Vocabulary List

  1. alight | see definition»

    to get down : DISMOUNT

    She would alight just before the edge of the wood and unfurl herself.

  2. casual | see definition»

    showing or feeling little concern : NONCHALANT

    The way one would touch the other casually, a hand on the shoulder, a brush against the cheek.

  3. civilization | see definition»

    the condition that exists when people have developed effective ways of organizing a society and care about art, science, etc.

    She smelled smoke and saw the faint glow of something like civilization.

  4. demote | see definition»

    to reduce to a lower grade or rank

    He demoted the penguin for insubordination.

  5. elation | see definition»

    the quality or state of being filled with joy or pride

    Her expression was not of beauty or elation but something like pain.

  6. emanate | see definition»

    to come out from a source

    Her face was right up against Hazel's now, enough so that Hazel could smell the odor of decay that emanated from her.

  7. fatigue | see definition»

    a state of being very tired

    But when she arrived at the market, she forgot her fatigue and simply stared at the scene before her.

  8. feral | see definition»

    having escaped from the care of people and become wild

    The other walked parallel to her — a feral shadow.

  9. frantic | see definition»

    feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry

    Hazel looked frantically from one to the other.

  10. gaunt | see definition»

    very thin and bony (as from illness or hunger)

    Nearly colorless hair hung in deadened strings over her shadowy, gaunt face.

  11. insubordinate | see definition»

    not obeying authority : DISOBEDIENT

    He demoted the penguin for insubordination.

  12. lush | see definition»

    covered with a thick growth of healthy plants

    It was a thick, lush blanket of color.

  13. mesmerize | see definition»

    to hold the complete attention of : FASCINATE

    Hazel took a step toward the bird, mesmerized.

  14. ornate | see definition»

    decorated in a fancy way

    Perched on a small table in front of the bookshelves in the back of the room was an ornate gold birdcage with its door open.

  15. parallel | see definition»

    lying or moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart

    The path had been running parallel to it.

  16. penetrate | see definition»

    to see into or through

    He leaned over her, eyes penetrating her defenses, and whispered, "What does your heart yearn for?"

  17. presumptuous | see definition»

    too confident especially in a way that is rude

    "Please don't call me presumptuous."

  18. rifle | see definition»

    to search through quickly and roughly often to steal something

    She bent down and began rifling through the box.

  19. rueful | see definition»

    showing or feeling regret for something done

    Hazel looked up at the guard, whose face was rueful and whose body seemed cloaked by more than wool.

  20. salvation | see definition»

    something that saves from danger or difficulty

    She rounded a bend in the path and saw her salvation.

  21. seductive | see definition»

    making someone do or want something : very attractive

    "The witch is seductive. She will offer you things that seem good."

  22. steadfast | see definition»

    having or showing true and constant support for someone or something

    You would sigh and think of the steadfast birdkeeper and his bird sister and the marvelous tragedy of it all.

  23. sympathetic | see definition»

    feeling or showing care or understanding

    All three heads tilted sympathetically.

  24. vivid | see definition»

    seeming like real life because it is very clear, bright, or detailed

    It was like a movie version of an enchanted garden, gorgeous, vivid, and too beautiful to be real.

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