Parts of a Boat

Avast ye landlubbers and test your vocabulary with these nautical words.

  1. bow | see definition»

    the forward part of a ship

  2. gunwale | see definition»

    the upper edge of a ship's side

  3. hull | see definition»

    the frame or body of a ship or boat

  4. keel | see definition»

    a long heavy piece of wood or metal that runs along and usually sticks out from the center of the bottom of a ship

  5. mast | see definition»

    a long pole that rises from the bottom of a ship and supports the sails and rigging

  6. port | see definition»

    the left side of a ship or airplane looking forward

  7. porthole | see definition»

    a small window in the side of a ship or airplane

  8. prow | see definition»

    the front of a ship

  9. rudder | see definition»

    a movable flat piece attached at the rear of a ship or aircraft for steering

  10. sail | see definition»

    a sheet of strong cloth (as canvas) used to catch enough wind to move boats through the water or over ice

  11. starboard | see definition»

    the right side of a ship or airplane looking forward

  12. stern | see definition»

    the rear end of a boat

  13. yoke | see definition»

    a crosspiece on the head of a boat's rudder

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