At the Beach Vocabulary

Go with the flow and get up to date on the current hottest vocabulary words with these beach vocabulary words.

  1. Atlantis | see definition»

    a fabled island in the Atlantic that according to legend sank beneath the sea

  2. boardwalk | see definition»

    a wooden path along a beach

  3. brine | see definition»

    the salty water of the ocean

  4. buoy | see definition»

    an object that floats on water in a lake, bay, river, etc., to show areas that are safe or dangerous for boats

  5. conch | see definition»

    a very large sea snail with a tall thick spiral shell

  6. coral | see definition»

    a tiny soft-bodied animal that typically lives within a stony skeleton grouped in large colonies and that is related to the jellyfish

  7. current | see definition»

    a body of fluid (as air or water) moving in a specified direction

  8. dune | see definition»

    a hill of sand near an ocean or in a desert that is formed by the wind

  9. kelp | see definition»

    a large brown seaweed

  10. lagoon | see definition»

    a shallow channel or pond near or connected to a larger body of water

  11. lifeguard | see definition»

    a person employed at a beach or swimming pool to protect swimmers from drowning

  12. mangrove | see definition»

    a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water

  13. reef | see definition»

    a chain of rocks or coral or a ridge of sand at or near the surface of water

  14. sand dollar | see definition»

    a flat round sea urchin

  15. tide | see definition»

    the rising and falling of the surface of the ocean caused twice daily by the attraction of the sun and the moon

    Types of tides:

    ebb tide: the tide while ebbing or at ebb

    high tide: the tide when the water is at its greatest height

    low tide: the farthest ebb of the tide

    neap tide: a tide of minimum range occurring at the first and the third quarters of the moon

    riptide: a strong usually narrow current of water that flows away from a shore

    springtide: a tide of greater-than-average range around the times of new moon and full moon

    storm tide: a high tide that is significantly higher than normal due to onshore winds reinforcing tidal action

  16. undertow | see definition»

    a current beneath the surface of the water that moves away from or along the shore while the surface water above it moves toward the shore

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