A Crack in the Sea by H.M. Bouwman Part 2 Chapters 1-3

A Crack in the Sea Vocabulary List

  1. boon | see definition»

    something pleasant or helpful that comes at just the right time

    "I can tell you that you'll be an enormous boon to our great campaign."

  2. dapple | see definition»

    to mark or become marked with rounded spots of color

    Planters of small cherry trees surrounded them, providing dappled shade as the sun set.

  3. defer | see definition»

    to give in or yield to the opinion or wishes of another

    They weren't deferring to him out of fear or with resentment.

  4. dense | see definition»

    having its parts crowded together : THICK

    He realized that his first impression of Raftworld's dense greenery wasn't quite accurate.

  5. encompass | see definition»

    to cover or surround : ENCIRCLE

    The old man set his cane to the side, stood up tall and raised his arms to encompass the whole courtyard.

  6. envoy | see definition»

    a representative sent by one government to another

    "This is the envoy?"

  7. escort | see definition»

    to accompany someone to protect or show courtesy

    The other rowers left, too, except the ones on Pip's right and left who said they'd escort him to a house where he could wash and change.

  8. groggy | see definition»

    weak, dazed, and unsteady

    Groggy but not terrified.

  9. haphazard | see definition»

    Having no plan, order, or direction

    Jogging around homes that looked as if they'd been haphazardly added onto (or simply built from scratch) right into the roadway.

  10. idle | see definition»

    in a lazy or inactive manner or state

    The sharks circles idly, lazily.

  11. infuse | see definition»

    to put in as if by pouring

    That man felt life and peace infuse him.

  12. irrigate | see definition»

    to supply (something, such as land) with water by using artificial means (such as pipes)

    "Irrigation," he said in his growly voice.

  13. monotone | see definition»

    a way of talking or singing without raising or lowering the sound of your voice

    Raftworld is already as large as it can get," he explained to Pip in his almost-monotone voice.

  14. predict | see definition»

    to say that (something) will or might happen in the future

    As the rowers predicted, the Raft King wore a sky-blue cape.

  15. stratum | see definition»

    one thickness of something laid over another

    But deep under those strata of fear a little nerve of excitement sparked in his spine and heart and lungs.

  16. submerge | see definition»

    to put under or plunge into water

    As soon as her face submerged, in the second before she talked to the sharks, the realization hit her.

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