Synonyms and Antonyms of web

  1. 1 something that catches and holds <he was caught in the web of branches> <she was trapped by her own web of lies> Synonyms entanglement, mesh(es), morass, net, noose, quagmire, quicksand, snare, tanglement, toil(s), trap Related Words knot, snarl, tangle; cat's cradle, labyrinth, maze; cobweb, spiderweb

  2. 2 a device or scheme for capturing another by surprise <an ingenious web that was spun by undercover agents going after drug dealers> Synonyms ambush, net, snare, trapRelated Words enmeshment, entanglement, entrapment, envelopment; booby trap, catch, hazard, land mine, pitfall, snag; artifice, cheat, cheating, deception, double-dealing, duplicity, ploy, ruse, subterfuge, trick

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