Synonyms and Antonyms of victor

  1. 1 one that defeats an enemy or opponent <the computer is usually the victor in a chess match against a human opponent> Synonyms beater, conqueror, master, subduer, trimmer, vanquisher, whipper, winner Related Words champ, champion, finalist, placer; dominator, overdog, ruler, subjugator, top dog Near Antonyms punching bag, pushover, quitter; failure, flop, washout; underdog Antonyms loser

  2. 2 the person who comes in first in a competition <the victor in the science fair had constructed a functioning telescope> Synonyms champ, titleholder, titlist, champion, winnerRelated Words cochampion, cowinner; placer; finalist, quarterfinalist, semifinalist; medalist (or medallist), prizewinner; megastar, star, superstar; world-beaterNear Antonyms loser

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