Synonyms and Antonyms of across-the-board

belonging or relating to the whole

  • an across-the-board reduction in the state's budget because of declining revenues
Synonyms of across-the-board
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Antonyms of across-the-board


Synonyms and Antonyms of behind-the-scenes

2 undertaken or done so as to escape being observed or known by others

  • behind-the-scenes negotiations that resulted in the hostages being released unharmed
Synonyms of behind-the-scenes
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Antonyms of behind-the-scenes


Synonyms and Antonyms of bred-in-the-bone

1 being such by habit and not likely to change

  • a bred-in-the-bone Democrat who always votes a straight ticket
Synonyms of bred-in-the-bone
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2 firmly established over time

  • bred-in-the-bone honesty earned him the nickname of "Honest Abe"
Synonyms of bred-in-the-bone
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variants: or down-at-heel also down-at-the-heel or down-at-heels

Synonyms and Antonyms of down-at-the-heels

showing signs of advanced wear and tear and neglect

  • the stately mansion where he lives now is a far cry from the down-at-the-heels triple-decker in which he grew up
Synonyms of down-at-the-heels
Words Related to down-at-the-heels
Phrases Synonymous with down-at-the-heels

gone to seed

Near Antonyms of down-at-the-heels

down in the mouth

Synonyms and Antonyms of down in the mouth

feeling unhappiness

  • after a disastrous date like that, anyone would be down in the mouth
Synonyms of down in the mouth
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Near Antonyms of down in the mouth
Antonyms of down in the mouth


Synonyms and Antonyms of down-the-line


Synonyms and Antonyms of down-to-the-wire

showing little difference in the standing of the competitors

  • a down-to-the-wire contest for the pennant
Synonyms of down-to-the-wire
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Synonyms and Antonyms of dyed-in-the-wool

being such by habit and not likely to change

  • as a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic, I give these "confirmed" UFO sightings as much credence as I do the tooth fairy
Synonyms of dyed-in-the-wool
Words Related to dyed-in-the-wool
Near Antonyms of dyed-in-the-wool


Synonyms and Antonyms of middle-of-the-road

avoiding major social change or extreme political ideas

  • a candidate with middle-of-the-road views on most hot-button issues
Synonyms of middle-of-the-road
Words Related to middle-of-the-road
Near Antonyms of middle-of-the-road
Antonyms of middle-of-the-road


Synonyms and Antonyms of middle-of-the-roader

a person who holds moderate views

  • since the party's middle-of-the-roaders often lack verve, the activists inevitably nominate some extremist who can't win in the general election
Synonyms of middle-of-the-roader
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Near Antonyms of middle-of-the-roader
Antonyms of middle-of-the-roader


Synonyms and Antonyms of off-the-cuff

made or done without previous thought or preparation

  • having gotten into hot water with some unfortunate off-the-cuff remarks, the candidate now limits himself to his carefully prepared campaign speech
Synonyms of off-the-cuff
Words Related to off-the-cuff
Near Antonyms of off-the-cuff
Antonyms of off-the-cuff


adjective , chiefly British

Synonyms and Antonyms of off-the-peg

made beforehand in large numbers

  • accustomed to bespoke suits, he would never condescend to wear an off-the-peg smoking jacket
Synonyms of off-the-peg
Words Related to off-the-peg
Near Antonyms of off-the-peg
Antonyms of off-the-peg


Synonyms and Antonyms of off-the-rack

made beforehand in large numbers

  • the fashionistas were aghast that the actress would wear an off-the-rack dress to the Oscars
Synonyms of off-the-rack
Words Related to off-the-rack
Near Antonyms of off-the-rack
Antonyms of off-the-rack


Synonyms and Antonyms of off-the-shelf

made beforehand in large numbers

  • she chose to have her computer designed to her specifications rather than buying an off-the-shelf machine
Synonyms of off-the-shelf
Words Related to off-the-shelf
Near Antonyms of off-the-shelf
Antonyms of off-the-shelf


Synonyms and Antonyms of out-of-the-way

2 noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced

  • there was nothing out-of-the-way about the hitchhiker's appearance that might arouse suspicion
Synonyms of out-of-the-way
Words Related to out-of-the-way
Near Antonyms of out-of-the-way
Antonyms of out-of-the-way


Synonyms and Antonyms of over-the-hill

being of advanced years and especially past middle age

  • the overwhelming majority of that rock band's fans are over-the-hill baby boomers on a nostalgia trip
Synonyms of over-the-hill
Words Related to over-the-hill
Phrases Synonymous with over-the-hill

long in the tooth, of a certain age

Near Antonyms of over-the-hill
Antonyms of over-the-hill


Synonyms and Antonyms of run-of-the-mill

1 being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events

  • just another run-of-the-mill suburb with its shopping malls and fast-food restaurants
Synonyms of run-of-the-mill
Words Related to run-of-the-mill
Phrases Synonymous with run-of-the-mill

par for the course

Near Antonyms of run-of-the-mill
Antonyms of run-of-the-mill


Synonyms and Antonyms of spur-of-the-moment

made or done without previous thought or preparation

  • a spur-of-the-moment trip to the zoo
Synonyms of spur-of-the-moment
Words Related to spur-of-the-moment
Near Antonyms of spur-of-the-moment
Antonyms of spur-of-the-moment

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