Synonyms and Antonyms of sanctum

  1. 1 a place that is considered sacred (as within a religion) the city of Jerusalem is an important sanctum for Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike Synonyms sanctuary, shrineRelated Words reliquary; martyry

  2. 2 something (as a building) that offers cover from the weather or protection from danger used the cabin in the woods as a sanctum from the commotion and interference of his family Synonyms asylum, bolt-hole [chiefly British], harbor, harborage, haven, refuge, retreat, sanctuary, shelterRelated Words oasis; anchorage, mooring, port; cover, screen; abode, diggings, domicile, dwelling, habitation, house, housing, lodging, lodgment (or lodgement), pad, place, quarters, residence, rest, roof; cloister, closet, covert, den, hermitage, hideaway, hideout, lair; castle, fastness, fort, fortress, palisade, redoubt, stronghold; lean-to, lee, shed, windbreak

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