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Synonyms and Antonyms of salable

  1. 1 fit or likely to be sold especially on a large scale an item that would be too expensive to produce, and attractive to too few people, to ever be considered a salable commodity Synonyms corporate, marketable, mass-market, commercial (or saleable)Related Words mass-produced, wholesaleAntonyms noncommercial, nonsalable, uncommercial, unmarketable, unsalable

  2. 2 fit to be offered for sale the car has to be put in better condition before it will be at all salable Synonyms merchantable, marketable (or saleable), sellableRelated Words commercial, profitable; costly, fancy, fine, high-grade, precious, premium, prime, valuable; dear, expensive, extravagantNear Antonyms damaged, shopworn; cheap, useless, worthless; bad, inferior, low-grade, substandard, unsatisfactoryAntonyms nonsalable, unmarketable, unsalable, unsellable

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