Synonyms and Antonyms of pendulous

  1. 1 bending downward or forward a cow with a pendulous udder Synonyms bowed, bowing, declined, declining, descendant (also descendent), descending, drooping, droopy, hanging, hung, inclining, nodding, sagging, stooping, weepingRelated Words floppy, limp; dangling, falling, pendent (or pendant), suspended; dipping, sinking, slumpingNear Antonyms erect, inflexible, rigid, stiff; elevated, raised, upraisedAntonyms unbending, upright

  2. 2 extending freely from a support from above a pendulous crystal chandelier dominated the ballroom Synonyms dangling, hanging, pendent (or pendant), dependent, suspendedRelated Words drooping, flagging, lolling, sagging, wilting

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