Synonyms and Antonyms of oleaginous

  1. overly or insincerely flattering the office manager greeted the corporate bigwigs with an oleaginous welcome that should have embarrassed him Synonyms adulatory, gushing, gushy, hagiographic (also hagiographical), oily, fulsome, soapy, unctuousRelated Words drooling, slavering, slobbering; cloying, sickening; demonstrative, effusive, mushy, uninhibited, unreserved, unrestrained; artificial, backhanded, feigned, hypocritical, insincere, left-handed, mealymouthed, sanctimonious, two-faced; disarming, endearing, ingratiating, winning, winsome; extravagant, lavish, unrestrained; abundant, copious, profuseNear Antonyms artless, earnest, genuine, heartfelt, honest, ingenuous, sincere, true, unaffected, unfeigned, unpretending, unpretentious

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a trip made at another's expense

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