Synonyms and Antonyms of gravy

  1. 1 a savory fluid food used as a topping or accompaniment to a main dish order a large serving of fries with extra gravy Synonyms dressing, sauceRelated Words condiment, relish, seasoning; fixing(s), garnish, topping; dip, marinade

  2. 2 something given in addition to what is ordinarily expected or owed you only pay for three CDs; the fourth one they give you is just gravy Synonyms cumshaw, dividend, donative, extra, gratuity, bonus, gravy train, lagniappe, perk, perquisite, throw-in, tipRelated Words pension; bestowal, presentation; benefaction, beneficence, benevolence, bounty, charity, generosity, largesse (also largess), philanthropy; contribution, donation, gift, offering, present; grant, subsidy; boon, manna, windfall; favor, freebie (or freebee), giveaway, premium; award, prize, reward; fringe benefit, icing

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