Synonyms and Antonyms of gourmand

  1. 1 a person with refined tastes in food and wine a finicky gourmand who vacationed in Europe every year simply for the wine Synonyms bon vivant, epicurean, gastronome, gastronomist, epicure, gourmetRelated Words connoisseur, dilettante; foodie; savorer; oenophile, turophileNear Antonyms glutton, gorger, guzzler, hog, overeater, stuffer, swiller, trencherman

  2. 2 one who eats greedily or too much the kind of gourmand who swallows food without even pausing to taste it Synonyms cormorant, gorger, gormandizer, glutton, hog, overeater, pig, stuffer, swillerRelated Words feaster, trencherman; muncher; guzzlerNear Antonyms dieter, nibbler, picker

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