Synonyms and Antonyms of fleshiness

  1. 1 the condition of having an excess of body fat the fleshiness of the foreign tourists was in sharp contrast to the gauntness of the native Africans Synonyms adiposity, chubbiness, corpulency, embonpoint, fat, fatness, fattiness, corpulence, grossness, obesity, plumpness, portliness, pudginess, pursiness, rotundity, weightRelated Words bulkiness, heaviness; huskiness, stoutness; brawniness, burliness; endomorphyNear Antonyms fitness, trimness; gauntness, scrawniness, skinniness, weedinessAntonyms leanness, reediness, slenderness, slimness, svelteness, thinness

  2. 2 the quality or state of being full of juice loves the fleshiness of ripe watermelon Synonyms succulence, juiciness, pulpinessRelated Words sap, sappinessNear Antonyms dryness, waterlessness

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