Synonyms and Antonyms of do–nothing

  1. 1 a lazy person the new boss quickly figured out who the do-nothings were and fired them Synonyms couch potato, deadbeat, do-nothing, drone, idler, layabout, loafer, lotus-eater, slouch, slug, slugabed, sluggardRelated Words bum, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well; crawler, creeper, dawdler, laggard, putterer, slowpoke, snail, stick-in-the-mud, straggler; clock-watcher, goldbrick, malingerer, shirker, slacker; dallier, lingerer, loiterer, loller, lounger, saunterer; delayer, procrastinator; dropout, quitterNear Antonyms achiever, comer, highflier (or highflyer); live wire, powerhouseAntonyms doer, go-ahead, go-getter, hummer, hustler, rustler, self-starter

  2. 2 an idle worthless person he indiscriminately dismisses the state legislators as a bunch of do-nothings who live at the taxpayers' expense Synonyms bum, derelict, do-nothing, good-for-nothing, no-account, no-good, no-goodnik, slacker, vagrantRelated Words hobo, sundowner [Australian], tramp, vagabond; drifter, roamer, transient; beggar, panhandler; dodger, goldbrick, shirker; gamine, ragamuffin, urchin, waif; drone, idler, lazybones, loafer, slouch, slug, sluggard; down-and-out (or down-and-outer), indigent, pauperNear Antonyms success, winner

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a trip made at another's expense

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