Synonyms and Antonyms of conflagration

  1. 1 a destructive burning <the historic tavern burned to the ground in a horrible conflagration> Synonyms fire, holocaust, infernoRelated Words blaze, flare-up; backfire, bonfire, brush fire, campfire, forest fire, wildfire; arson

  2. 2 a state of armed violent struggle between states, nations, or groups <what began as a skirmish over disputed territory erupted into a conflagration that swept the continent> Synonyms war, conflict, hostilities, hot warRelated Words civil war, cold war, holy war, limited war, police action, world war; action, battle, engagement, skirmish; combat, fighting, warfareNear Antonyms demilitarization, demobilization, disarmament; pacification; cease-fire, truce; calm, peacefulness, tranquillity (or tranquility)Antonyms peace

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