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White House: Likely to Release Nunes Memo Without 'Redaction'

The act of obscure or removing text from a document prior to publication or release

Redaction was among our top lookups on February 1st, 2018, after the word was repeatedly employed by journalists covering the ongoing saga of a congressional memo.

The White House will probably tell Congress on Friday that President Donald Trump has approved the public release of a Republican congressional memo alleging FBI bias against him, likely without redactions, a White House official said on Thursday.
Steve Holland and Eric Walsh, Reuters(, 1 Feb, 2018

The sense in which most people currently use redaction is “an act or instance of redacting something” (employing the sense of redact defined as “to select or adapt, as by obscuring or removing sensitive information, for publication or release”). The word comes from the French rédaction, which is itself from the Late Latin redactio- (“act of reducing, compressing”).

Both redact and redaction have somewhat more obscure senses, which are more concerned with editing, or preparing for publication, than they are with removing sensitive information.

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