Trump: Saturday Night Live "Hit Job" was "Boring" and "Unfunny"

Internet: Time to look up the meaning of "satire"

Saturday Night Live’s sketch based on the second presidential debate was likely to get viral attention even without extra publicity from Donald Trump himself, who, between calling for the cancellation of SNL and claiming the election to be rigged, critiqued the impersonation, tweeting “Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.” Responses on Twitter came fast and furious, and Mashable’s coverage of the sketch focused on Trump’s peevishness, addressing the candidate with the recommendation to read the dictionary definition of satire:

If you're Donald Trump and you're reading these words, follow this link. Everyone else: L-O-L.

The post was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, and lookups for satire spiked accordingly.

Satire means “humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.” The word’s origin is uncertain, but one theory holds that it comes from the same root as saturate and satisfy, going back to the name of a Roman salad composed of different ingredients, a term that was then used for writing intended to mock and criticize that mixed quotations and genres.

Mashable’s post would seem to indicate their opinion that satire is a dish best served cold.

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