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Trump: Fake News 'Promulgated' by Fools

Searches rise 2000% after tweet

Promulgate, a word not accustomed to the limelight, found itself one of our top lookups on June 13th, 2018, after President Trump used it as the antepenultimate word in a tweet.

We define promulgate as “to make (something, such as a doctrine) known by open declaration,” “to make known or public the terms of (a proposed law),” or “to put (a law) into action or force.” The word has been in use since the early 16th century, and particularly implies the proclaiming of a dogma, doctrine, or law. The turn of phrase employed here, “promulgated by fools,” is rare, although not unheard of.

Verily no more pestilent heresy has ever been propounded by deceivers or promulgated by fools.
— “Atticus”, The Critic (London, Eng.), 1 Jun. 1857

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