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Spelling Bee Winners

A tie for first with final words & ...


Lookups spiked on May 29, 2015.


For the second year in a row, the National Spelling Bee had two winners. 13 year-old Vanya Shivashankar from Kansas and 14 year-old Gokul Venkatachalam from Missouri will share the title of best spellers of 2015.

In an exciting duel of spelling talent, neither speller made a single mistake onstage. According to Bee rules, a championship list of 25 words ends the competition whether a single speller emerges or not.

Vanya's final word was scherenschnitte, a word borrowed from German that means "the art of cutting paper into decorative designs." In German, scherenschnitte literally means "scissors cut."

Gokul's final word was nunatak {a:nunata01:Nunatak}, a word from the Eskimo Inuit language that means "a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice."