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Sessions: DACA Is Being 'Rescinded'

To take away; cancel; repeal

Rescind leapt to the top of our lookups on September 5th, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement that the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was being rescinded.

Rescind has been in English use since the 16th century, and comes to our language from the Latin rescindere (meaning “to annul”). It is joined in this origin by lesser-known specimens such as exscind (“to cut off”) and prescind (“to withdraw one’s attention”).

We provide definitions for several senses of rescind, including “to take away,” “cancel, or abrogate (as a contract),” and “repeal.”

I leaue them here, entending once, at large therein to stalck And seuer places by themselues, with styles and parting stakes: And as I can, to my poore skill, rescind the noysome brakes.
—Edward Hake, Newes Out of Powles Churchyarde, 1579

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