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Searches for 'Misogyny' Spiked After Trump's Victory

The word appeared in multiple articles and was used repeatedly on social media

Misogyny was among the top lookups on November 9, 2016, the morning after Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The word spiked still higher on November 10, as the word appeared repeatedly in news articles and on social media.

The word was used in headlines for editorials:

Misogyny now has the White House seal of approval
The Boston Globe

The misogyny apocalypse

Why misogyny was The Donald’s trump card
The Telegraph

Panel: What does the US election result say about misogyny?
The Guardian

Misogyny means “a hatred of women.” The etymology of misogyny is a fairly straightforward one, as it may be traced to the Greek words for “to hate” (misein) and “woman” (gynē); Greek had already combined these into the word misogynia before the word was adopted by English. Misogyny has been in use in our language since at least 1656, when the great 17th-century lexicographer Thomas Blount defined it as “the hate or contempt of women.”

There is a similar, although considerably more obscure, word in English for “a hatred of men”; that word is misandry.

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