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Pharma exec arrested for securities fraud

News spread fast about the arrest for securities fraud of Martin Shkreli, the young pharma exec who raised the price of a drug used for treating HIV-related symptoms from $13.50 to $750 overnight earlier this year. His arrest is in connection with his previous work as a hedge fund manager, but he became such a pariah after his gleeful defense of what many people understood as corporate greed that little sympathy was expressed following his arrest.


Martin Shkreli's arrest triggered interest in the word

@zandywithaz So to sum up, what a special, wonderful morning for schadenfreude! Congratulations everyone.

‏@AstroKatie Katie Mack Retweeted Bloomberg Business Entire internet now at risk of schadenfreude overdose.

Schadenfreude is pronounced SHAH-dun-froy-duh, and means "enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others." It comes from the German words for "damage" and "joy."