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Hillary Clinton is Nominated by Acclamation

The motion by Bernie Sanders to nominate Clinton by 'acclamation' also resulted in a spike for 'acclimation'

Acclamation and acclimation both spiked in look-ups after Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman to receive a major party nomination for the office of the presidency of the United States.

Sen. Sanders motion to suspend rules, select Clinton by acclimation was a real class act Thank you, Bernie!
—, 6:27 PM - 26 Jul 2016

BREAKING: Democratic party nominates @HillaryClinton by acclamation at the request of @BernieSanders.
—, 6:01 PM - 26 Jul 2016

Acclamation and acclimation have a subtlety of distinction that may have eluded many of the people who are using the latter word this evening. Acclamation has two primary meanings: it may refer either to “a loud eager expression of approval, praise, or assent,” or to “an overwhelming affirmative vote by cheers, shouts, or applause rather than by ballot.” This is presumably the word, in the second sense listed above, that most people were intending to use in their coverage of Clinton’s nomination.

However, one must not overlook the fact that, in its own fashion, acclimation might well be just as applicable. This word, which refers to the process or action of adjusting to a new climate, place, or situation, could well be used to refer to the first ever major party nomination of a woman to run for president.

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