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Ford Offers Statements to 'Corroborate' Claims

Lookups rise 2600% after announcement

Corroborate was among our top lookups on September 26th, 2018, following news reports that Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape, has sworn statements from people who say that she discussed the incident with them some time ago.

Attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford say they have submitted sworn affidavits to the Senate Judiciary Committee from four people who corroborate her claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teens.
— Yaron Steinbuch, The New York Post, 26 Sept. 2018

On the flip side, Ford has produced sworn declarations from four people—one of whom is her husband—to corroborate her allegations, according to USA Today.
— Jack Holmes, Esquire (, 26 Sept. 2018

Christine Blasey Ford — who’s been driven out of her home and threatened in the days since she publicly accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault — previously told at least four people about the allegations who are now willing to corroborate her claims.
— Emma Ockerman, Vice News (, 26 Sept. 2018

We define corroborate as “to support with evidence or authority : make more certain.” The word is Latin in origin, coming into English in the early 16th century from the past participle of corroborare (from com- + robur, “strength”).

Howe be it, Sir, it was never intended that the said article shuld be corroborate with an oothe for your partie, ner it is not soo expressed in the same; for as moche as the parties contrahentes shalbe oonely bounde, and not Your Grace, being noo contrahent, but oonely a conservatour and a judge, elected by their mutuell consent to determyn upon the observaunce or violacion of the said treux.
— Cardinal Wolsey (letter to King Henry VIII), Nov. 1521

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