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A limerick to help you pronounce it

Lookups for Choaspes have spiked each afternoon and evening over the course of the past week, apparently as the result of a popular Bible study text's focus on the Book of Esther. Choaspes is the name of a river which flows from present-day Iran to present-day Iraq.

The Choaspes is also commonly known as the Karkheh. Many people find the pronunciation of both of these names to be problematic. Karkheh is pronounced \kər-ˈkā\, and Choaspes is \kō-ˈas-(ˌ)pēz\. An audio version of each of these may be found under our entry for Karkheh.

If you have neither the time nor the inclination to click through for an audio guide, here is a limerick:

We all of us have some dismay
When encountering words hard to say,
The river Choaspes
(which rhymes with "don’t ask please")
Is also known as the Karkheh

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