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Accepting Nomination, Clinton Says U.S. faces 'Moment of Reckoning'

Lookups for 'reckoning' spiked after the Democratic nominee said the U.S. was at a pivotal moment in its history

Lookups for reckoning spiked as news outlets reported Hillary Clinton’s assertion that the 2016 election was a "moment of reckoning."

Clinton Warns of a "Moment of Reckoning"
The New York Times, 29 July 2016

US Election: US Faces "Moment of Reckoning" says Hillary Clinton, 29 July 2016

Hillary Clinton: America at a "Moment of Reckoning"
U. S. News & World Report, 29 July 2016


The phrase "moment/hour/day of reckoning" typically refers to a moment of truth; the time when things will be decided.

Reckoning, which when used as a noun may mean several different things including “the act or an instance of computing or calculating,” “calculation of a ship’s position,” or “a settling of accounts," has been in use in English since the 14th century. When it is used in a temporal sense, such as “the hour/year/moment of reckoning” the word typically means “the moment of truth; the time when something would be decided.”

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