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Lookups spiked 29,800% on October 29th, 2018

Why are people looking up argy-bargy?

Argy-bargy spiked mightily in lookups on October 29th, 2018, after the word was used in reference to a football game taking place between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur (which, for the U.S. citizens reading this, is the actual name of a team, and not a reference to a cruel trick played on the younger members of a British boarding school). The word was used by commentator Lee Dixon.

What does argy-bargy mean?

We define argy-bargy as “a lively discussion, an argument or dispute."

Where does argy-bargy come from?

The word, which dates in use to the early 19th century, comes from a reduplication of the Scots and English dialect word argy, an alteration of argue. It is one of many fine reduplicative words which (mostly) originated in Great Britain. If you would like to add others to your vocabulary you may go here or here.


Me cross the lichts when they're fornent me?
Awa', ye gowk, and haud yer gab;
These thirty year this street has kent me,
Me and ma cuddy and ma cab.
Nae argy-bargy! You begun it;
Ye needna flap yer mouth at me;
ken ye in yon fancy polis bunnet:
Ye're only Tam McGhie
Traffic Lights Come to Pulquhanity, in Punch (London, Eng.), 20 Mar. 1935

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