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noun co·ag·u·la·tion \kō-ˌag-yə-ˈlā-shən\

Medical Definition of coagulation

  1. 1a:  a change to a viscous, jellylike, or solid state; especially :  a change from a liquid to a thickened curdlike state not by evaporation but by chemical reaction the spontaneous coagulation of freshly drawn blood the coagulation of milk by renninb:  the process by which such change of state takes place consisting of the alteration of a soluble substance (as a protein) into an insoluble form or of the flocculation or separation of colloidal or suspended matter

  2. 2:  a substance or body formed by coagulation :  coagulum

  3. 3:  disruption of tissue by physical means (as by application of an electric current) so that denaturation and clumping of protein occur diathermic coagulation of tissues during surgery to seal bleeding blood vessels—see electrocoagulation, photocoagulation

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