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adjective an·tal·gic \an-ˈtal-jik\

Medical Definition of antalgic

  1. 1:  marked by or being an unnatural position or movement assumed by someone to minimize or alleviate pain or discomfort (as in the leg or back) Without even thinking about it, we adjust the way we walk to avoid putting too much pressure on a creaky joint because otherwise it hurts. Experts call this the antalgic … or pain avoidance, gait.—Harvard Health Letter, February 2009 The patient came into my office with the classic antalgic stoop. She was bent over almost 90 degrees …—Douglas R. Briggs, Dynamic Chiropractic, 29 Jan. 2008 an antalgic spine

  2. 2:  relieving pain :  analgesic It is necessary to reduce catecholamine increase due to pain caused by the burn agents, by administering adequate antalgic therapy.—B. Mazzarella et al., in The Management of Mass Burn Casualties and Fire Disasters, 1992 an antalgic effect

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