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Glaserian fissure

noun Gla·se·ri·an fissure \glə-ˈzir-ē-ən-\

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\ˈglä-zər\play ,

Johann Heinrich

(1629–1675), Swiss anatomist and surgeon. Glaser was a professor of anatomy who notably reformed clinical instruction. One of the first physicians to make hospital rounds, he introduced bedside instruction to his students. He held public dissections that were followed by demonstrations of surgical operations. He also conducted autopsies with his students. As an anatomist Glaser is noteworthy for his studies of the brain, the nervous system, and the bones of the head. A posthumous work, published in 1680, treats the anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system and contains his description of the petrotympanic fissure, which is sometimes called the Glaserian fissure.

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