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Glanzmann thrombasthenia

noun Glanz·mann thrombasthenia \ˈglän(t)s-mən-\

Medical Definition of Glanzmann thrombasthenia

  1. :  a rare, hereditary blood disorder that is marked by excessive bleeding and bruising and is caused by a deficiency or dysfunction of receptors which are found on the surface of platelets and which mediate platelet aggregation and adhesion Glanzmann thrombasthenia is typically inherited as an autosomal recessive trait requiring that both parents pass on a copy of the defective gene on a chromosome other than a sex chromosome.

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(1887–1959), Swiss pediatrician. After earning his medical degrees in Zurich and Bern, Glanzmann established himself as a pediatrician in Bern. In 1932 he became a professor and director of Bern's Children's Hospital. From 1939 to 1957 he served as chair of pediatrics at the University of Bern. In 1918 he published his description of the rare hereditary blood disorder now known as Glanzmann thrombastenia. In 1930 he described the defining features of a fever of the lymphatic glands in children, a disease now known as infectious mononucleosis. His book “Introduction to Pediatrics” (1949) went through several editions and translations. His many fields of interest encompassed hematology, infectious diseases, and psychopathology.

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