The following 11 entries include the term voce.

mezza voce

adverb or adjective

: with medium or half volume used as a direction in music

sotto voce

adverb or adjective

: under the breath : in an undertone

viva voce


: by word of mouth : orally

viva voce


: expressed or conducted by means of speech : orally sense 1

viva voce


: an examination conducted viva voce

messa di voce


: the singing of a gradual crescendo and decrescendo on a long sustained tone used of a vocal technique originating in 18th century bel canto

messe di voce

plural of messa di voce

una voce


: with one voice : unanimously

: with full voice used as a direction in music

voce velata

adverb (or adjective)

: with veiled voice used as a direction in music

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