adjective ver·klempt \fər-ˈklem(p)t, vər-\

Definition of verklempt


  1. :  overcome with emotion :  choked up Hunched over my tiny screens lately, I've found myself … verklempt over an old video I posted of my son blowing bubbles in the bathtub. — James Poniewozik

Origin and Etymology of verklempt

borrowed from Yiddish farklemt “depressed, grieving,” past participle of farklemen “to grip, press,” going back to Middle High German verklemmen, from ver-, vir-, vor-, verb prefix, here with intensive force (going back to Old High German fir-, far- for-) + klemmen “to press, squeeze,” going back to Old High German -klemmen (in biklemmen “to block, oppress”), going back to Germanic *klammjan-, derivative from a base *klamm-, whence Old English clam, clom “bond, fetter” — more at 1clam The spelling verklempt shows accommodation to standard German orthography.

First Known Use: 1993

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clearly seen through or understood

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