too close for comfort

variants: less commonly

too near for comfort

Definition of too close for comfort

  1. :  close enough to make a person feel nervous, worried, or upset That bus came a little too close for comfort! When we went out for drinks together, I realized we were getting too close for comfort.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  besides, also

    :  to an excessive degree :  excessively

    :  to such a degree as to be regrettable

  1. :  to move so as to bar passage through something

    :  to block against entry or passage

    :  to deny access to

  1. :  a coming or bringing to a conclusion

    :  a conclusion or end in time or existence :  cessation

    :  the concluding passage (as of a speech or play)

  1. :  an enclosed area

    :  the precinct (see precinct 2a) of a cathedral

    :  a narrow passage leading from a street to a court and the houses within or to the common stairway of tenements

  1. :  having no openings :  closed

    :  confined or carefully guarded

    :  high

  1. :  in a close position or manner

  1. :  to give strength and hope to :  cheer

    :  to ease the grief or trouble of :  console

  1. :  strengthening aid:

    :  assistance, support

    :  consolation in time of trouble or worry :  solace

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